Courtney’s Story

courtneyAs Will said…”I thought I was doing everything right.”

We both did. And after he suffered his first and only heart attack (yes, I say with complete confidence that it will be his only one), we decided to re-watch the phenomenal, game-changing documentary, “Forks Over Knives.” We’ve been huge proponents of this documentary ever since first viewing it back in 2011 and we completely believe in it’s thesis of diet having a profound effect on our health, specifically on it’s effects on heart health. Again, we had thought we were already eating healthy, so all we needed to do was to eliminate and tweak a few little things to adhere more closely to the pure, plant-based-diet lifestyle that has been clinically proven to REVERSE and PREVENT heart disease.

Beyond Will’s health, this impacts my own health greatly as well, as most of my family on my mother’s side all either have or have had heart disease and tragically (and, in my opinion, completely unnecessarily) we’ve lost many of them very prematurely due to it. And like many of you reading this right now, this all puts me squarely at risk of the same. BUT… this is where we change the narrative. Since we here at Do Well Feel Great truly believe it all to be directly diet and lifestyle-choice related, we choose to follow and promote a lifestyle that will prevent heart disease and other ailments. Like the brilliant Dr. Dean Ornish says “Your genes are NOT your fate.” So that is what I am doing, alongside Will. This will be for the rest of our lives. And we want to help others turn their health around and take charge of their own destinies.

Remember, “Genes are not our destiny…”

It has been proven time and again that even though we may be genetically predisposed to have heart disease, by following Dr. Esselstyn’s plan, one can live a long, happy, healthy, active, and heart-attack free life! And helping others to do this is our passion, our calling, and our joy! 🙂

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I’ve been trying a long time to live a healthier life. It seemed that nothing was working for me, until I found a Do Well Feel Great. Courtney’s knowledge of the steps it takes to start living healthier was the catalyst for me to finally begin to see results. Under her guidance, I’ve been able to see the weight & inches coming off and my blood pressure coming down! She wants me to succeed as much as I want to, her encouragement is sincere & genuine!

Barbie H., Los Angeles, CA

Tom T.

I saw results with Do Well Feel Great right away. A few simple changes in my approach to eating and exercise and the weight started to come off, but even more importantly I just felt better. The key was making changes I could live with and fit with my lifestyle. Will is always stressing balance. You have to make changes that are going to make you feel better physically and mentally or it’s not going to work. Will looks at my whole life, not just what I’m putting on my plate.

Tom T., Los Angeles, CA

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